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Dive shop in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Started by virgincola, Mar 30, 2024, 05:26 AM

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Boat diving in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Dauin, located in Negros Oriental, is renowned for its exceptional scuba diving experiences. Nestled along the coast, this small town boasts a rich marine ecosystem that attracts divers from around the globe. Its crystal-clear waters are home to a dazzling array of marine life, including vibrant corals, schools of colorful fish, and intriguing critters such as the famous frogfish and pygmy seahorses. Dauin's diverse dive sites cater to all levels of divers, from shallow reefs ideal for beginners to challenging drift dives for the more experienced. One of its most renowned attractions is the Dauin Marine Protected Area, where strict conservation efforts have resulted in a flourishing underwater paradise. With its stunning underwater landscapes and abundance of marine biodiversity, Dauin offers an unforgettable diving experience for enthusiasts seeking to explore the wonders of the deep.

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